Did you know that the camera is very good at picking up moods, facial expressions and emotions?

A young models head shot during a pensive state in black and white

Taking time out to do a photo shoot can be quite rewarding and invigorating. You get hair and makeup artists to fuss all over you, you get to work on your nails, you get to select a stunning wardrobe that you would otherwise only select if you were going to a high tea or cocktail party, all whist conversing and having a nice glass of wine.

A young model dancing whilst on a local fashion shoot in black and white

Enjoy this time, this is your time to shine, and remember to be confident. Everyone gets nervous before a shoot, so channel those nerves into excitement. I can guarantee you that once the camera shutter fires and the strobes start flashing, the confidence will flow out of you and you will get amazing images from your session.