Example of one of my enagement books
Example of image boxes I sell for portriat shoots

Today we live in a digital world. Although the instant gratification you get when you look behind a camera’s screen, or on your phone is awesome, or the ability to share instantly with the rest of the world through multiple social media channels, we tend to just leave those precious moments on digital hard drives. Digital media has a great influence on us and has its place in today’s model society. However, we tend to neglect the simple act of printing images for displays in our own homes and offices.

As much as digital archiving is important to us, did you know that the average life span of a hard drive is six years, yes that’s right, six years before your files, and your treasured moments go corrupt. Hence, the requirement to strictly back all your files continuously over time. Wouldn’t it be better if you had outstanding images displayed in print form? Let’s not forget the ever evolving technological advances. Do you remember those cool circular things we had in the 70-80’s called records ? What about the good old cassette. Not to mention the old fashion 5.25 and 3.5 inch floppy disks.

Can you imagine if you got married in the 80’s or 90’s and you had all your images on one of those floppy disks? How would you be able to enjoy them in this day and age, when that technology is so outdated and hard to come across?

Example of image book in its box and bag
Example of engagement shoot books
Album spread of model shoot
Example of a spead in one of my books
Images boxes
Example of portrait books I sell
Example of a book spread showing a maternity couple

All my books are hand crafted, printed in museum quality archival paper, come in a lovely carry bag and box, and guaranteed for 30 years.

Image boxes are also printed using the finest quality museum grade papers and adhesives.

What about the zombie apocalypse…what if zombies were to take over the world and rid us of our modern day commodities and we lost all means to digital access. We would lose a whole generation of images and memories, never to be recovered. Although this analogy is a little drastic, these are all valid points that you should think about, particularly if you are to go to the effort of spending money on styling, hair and makeup, your wardrobe. Here is another thought, could you imagine your grandparents flicking through your images on an iPad? These days unless you have a savvy elderly family member, who knows his/her way around technology, it wouldn’t be the same feeling as having an amazing handcrafted leather album, where they can turn the pages and smell the fresh leather in doing so.

So my friends, I tell you this…Although having digital images is a norm in today’s society, images in prints are just as important, not only to showcase to you friends, co-workers and family, but because they tend to last the test of time.

When you come to me for a shoot, although digital images are on offer, I tend to push strongly for the printed option too. I would love the idea of you walking in your hallway and seeing your great wall art displayed…memories gushing back to when you had an amazing experience during the photo shoot. All my products are printed on the finest museum quality fine art materials that we last the test of time.

Have a look at some of the printed products from past clients.

So when you go for your next shoot, will you just get digital or prints as well?