How to choose!

As the lady of your dreams walks down the aisle, all eyes will be on her, her stunning bridal gown and her amazing beauty.

However, once the ceremony begins, you are both in the spotlight. Your hair should be perfectly styled, your nails manicured, your sex panther scent…captivating, made by Odeon, illegal in nine countries, and made with real panther (Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy,) and your suit a perfect fit that rivals James Bond!

The groom in a black suit and bow tie on location at a beach during the sunset

Choose a suit that complements the groom’s physique.  By far the most important aspect of the suit or tux is the fit.  It must fit properly or it will come across as rented instead of refined. If you are considering borrowing a suit from a friend or digging one out of the closet from a few years ago, think some more. A modern well-fitting suit will make you look and feel confident and reduce perspiration (not very attractive in wedding photographs).

A groom in a suit peering off into the distance
The groom wearing a suit with half his face in shadow
A groom in a shirt getting dressed for his wedding looking at the camera
A groom in a suit and bow tie smiling at the camera on location near a beach

If you are tall & muscular

The single-breasted shawl-collar tux (smooth, thinner collar without notched lapels) is the best choice for men who are tall and muscular.  Avoid double-breasted jackets as the buttons will bring focus to your midsection and make it look wider. 

The length of the jacket is also very important.  Relax your arms, with hands down at your side your fingertips should reach the bottom of the jacket sleeve.  Your shirt cuffs should sit about an inch beyond the jacket sleeve.  Your jacket should feel a little loose so you can move easily, hug family and friends and sit down and let some air circulate.

If you are on the heavier side, consider a vest instead of a cummerbund, they look and feel less constricting and don’t cut you in half.

If you have a wide face or thick neck, select a spread collar rather than the wing tip and avoid thin ties or you may end up looking like you are being chocked. However, that doesn’t mean you go for a huge bow tie either, choose a size that is in proportion with your face and neck.

Ask that your trouser legs are slightly wider if you have large or muscular thighs for comfort and a better look.

What about tall & thin / medium or height & built

Thinner men look great in double-breasted jackets.   To help make your body appear more muscular and create a great line, request for a little extra padding in the shoulders and for the waist to be taken in to a comfortable width. 

For the trousers, choose a slightly fuller leg than normal, with a higher rise.

How about short & muscular

The single-breasted jacket, with a shawl collar and the button low around the belt line will make your torso appear longer and leaner.  The shawl collar is a smooth, thinner collar without notched lapels. Ask for more shoulder padding to give you some stronger (but not too much).

The legs of the trousers should be cut as low as possible, making the break between the trouser leg and the shoe as subtle as possible. If they are angled a little in back, they will help make your legs look longer.

Ties, Cravats, Bow
Ties & Cummerbunds

Choosing the right ties for your wedding can be confusing,
so here are a few things to consider when selecting wedding ties.

A common belief among couples is that the wedding party’s
ties should ‘match’ the colour of the bridesmaid dresses; however you may want
to reconsider…

A survey of several professional photography studios asked
their chief photographers to review a range of wedding photographs and choose
those photographs that looked best in terms of composition, wedding attire and

The photographers all agreed that the groom and groomsmen
who wore ties that ‘matched’ the bridesmaids’ dresses looked neat, but
noticeably colour-coded.

Those wedding photographs where the groom and his male
attendants wore ties that ‘complimented’ the bridesmaid dresses looked
naturally elegant. A slightly different shade or hue…

When shopping for wedding ties, look for colours that
compliment, rather than match.
‘Compliment’ your ties with shades or hues of the bridesmaid dresses
(such as complimenting a burgundy bridesmaids dress with a softer shade of
burgundy tie). 

Black compliments everything and is always a safe and
elegant choice for a tie or cravat


The width of your tie should be approximately the same width
of the jacket’s lapel.  If the lapel is
wide, the tie should be wide and if the lapel is narrow, the tie should also be
narrow.   The ideal fashion tie width is
9 centimetres.

The texture of your tie should go with your suite / tux (a
shiny silk tie is worn with a shiny silk shirt and a wool tie is worn with a
wool suit). 

There is one golden rule though…your tie should be darker
than the colour of your shirt.


Cravats are generally more popular for more formal weddings
and more special.  They are special as
they are different…they are not worn every day and they make a nice alternative
to regular ties. Cravats are usually more expensive. Where cost is an issue and
you need to buy ties for a number of people (including the page boys , you may need to
reconsider. If you have page boys or other children that require matching
cravats, your options may be limited to the availability of sizes in the style
and colour chosen.

Wedding cravats are available as pre-tied and self-tied.
Pre-tied are more popular as they are considered easier to put on, however
there really is no difference between tying a self-tie cravats and a regular

Weddings cravats are generally worn with wing
collar shirts.  If you can’t find a wing
collar shirt, a normal shirt will also do.

Bow Ties & Cummerbunds

Bow ties are available in a wide range of colours and styles and can also be purchased as pre-tied or self-tie.  Bow ties often come in boxed sets that include matching cummerbunds (ensuring that the bow tie and cummerbund fabric and colour match exactly).

A page boy in a bow tie and shirt looking at the camera and leaning on a welcome sign

To Hire or to Buy…That is the question!!!!

For many formal weddings, suits and other items are often hired from a wedding or formal wear hire shop. Hiring the groom’s and groomsmen’s formal attire can save you a considerable amount of money, particularly with suits and tux’s, as they’re unlikely to be worn again after the wedding.

With ties however, it is not necessarily that simple as hire shops carry a limited range of colours and fabrics and these may not be in brand new condition. Unlike suits, the difference in price between hiring a cravat or tie and buying one brand new is not that prohibitive and you can wear most ties and cravats from a wedding again at other occasions. 

So there you have it…some useful tips to get you or your man ready for the big occasion!

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